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I’ve had a camera in my hand before I could afford film and simply looking through the lens and framing an image was fun for me after school. I’ve been shooting professionally for 15 years, and earned a master's degree in Digital Imaging and Photography from the University of Lincoln in England in 2009. I used my time studying abroad to focus on the art of photography and new media as well as experiment with modern techniques and technologies. Since returning stateside, I began teaching photography at Young Harris College, where I also served as director of the Campus Gate Art Gallery and the College's primary photographer for all events and promotional materials from 2010-2015.  I now serve as photographer at Coastal Carolina University in Conway, SC.


I have a background in photojournalism, and the story of the photograph inspires my images. Capturing an event, wedding, or other special day with only my camera is what I strive for. The world is not only viewed from eye level, and that is something I attempt to convey with my art. Candid moments are something that are true and cannot be recreated. It takes talent, knowledge and anticipation to grab these on film.


I have experience shooting colleges and universities, weddings, fashion, sports, home and restaurant interiors, food, people, families, nature and my travels across the United States and Europe. Any photo is an investment for a memory or moment that is encapsulated for the rest of time, and finding the right photographer should not be taken lightly - nor should price be a determining factor in the process. I try to forge a friendship with my clients to get to know what each person expects from me and how we can achieve a shared goal.


I am a native of Louisville, Kentucky, currently based in the beautiful historic town of Conway, SC. For my work, I regularly travel across the Southeast to Atlanta, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Savannah and beyond.

Scott Dean

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